How to Install Facebook Video call on Windows 8

With new Video Calling feature, you are able to connect with Facebook and have face-to-face high quality video calls with friends and family by web browser in the social network. When I sign into FB using Internet Explorer 10 on my Surface Pro Windows 8 and try to download and install current version Plugin, the setup process is not working and shows cannot be run this program message. How can I fix the issues on Windows 8 tablet or PC?

* The Facebook Video call 1.1 and 1.2 version aren’t compatible with Windows 8 and just make webcam to hang and then go down. You have to wait for the its update to get new chatting sensation.
* If you get problems and errors with this feature in IE, Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera, you’d better clear the web browser cache first.
* Now the only workaround is to download and install the Skype desktop version onto your device. Skype will allow you to link your Facebook account and use webcam to video calls.


3 thoughts on “How to Install Facebook Video call on Windows 8

  1. I had the same problem, my camera on my surface tablet doesn’t work for facebook and Skype on windows 8 doesn’t give you an option to link your facebook. So I cant video chat. I’m really upset!

  2. I am also having the same problem. I am unable to make video call from skype and facebook. It is really annoying. Please give a solution so as I can make video calls from my surface tablet!!!

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