How to get out of safe mode in Windows 8

If you have encountered potential problems like “Windows failed to load completely” in the system, a troubleshooting solution is to enable safe Mode and boot into it to fix corrupted files. However, after finishing the steps, many people restart the machine and still stuck in there and can’t find a way to go back to normal mode. To get out of that, you need to disable the feature by making the changes with boot configuration.

How to restart in Normal mode from safe mode in Windows 8.1/8
Note: If you forgot the account password, it shoud be not working and the login screen can’t be passed.
* Press the Windows key to get back to Start screen.
* Type msconfig in the search bar, and select msconfig from the results.
Another related method: You can also Open “All apps” from Start screen, scroll to the right and click on the Control Panel icon, and go to Administrative Tools > System Configuration.
* A system configuration window will be opened.
* Go to the “boot” tab, you can see the configuration options listed inside the system information file.

* Uncheck the Safe boot box, clcik the Apply button and then OK.
* Hit the restart button and then your computer should come with normal mode.

* By bootable disc
1. Insert Windows 8.1 install DVD/CD into the driver.
2. Boot your machine from the DVD, and select Recovery options.
3. From the menu, choose Advanced > Command prompt, and input the command below:
cd c:\windows\system32
Press Enter to execute it, then type:
bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot
and press Enter again.


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