How to enable Swipe Navigation in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1

Windows Blue has been rename to Windows 8.1 officially and becomes free upgrades for the Windows RT and Windows 8 platform. The Modern Internet Explorer 11 Desktop in Windows 8.1 will comes with many great improved touch features, such as metro swipe navigation, import the tabs, and a tab syncing option.

Metro swipe-based navigation with touch feature for browsing the website was already available in the Metro version of IE10 browser, and it is also included with desktop working environment on IE 11. To use swipe navigation in IE, smiply swipe horizontally to move back and forth to preview your browsing history.

However, Internet Explorer 11 doesn’t enable the feature by default. You could try the following step by step to enable it manually in Windows 8.1.
* Open the IE 11 browser from desktop, click on the Gear icon at the left top of screen. Click “Internet Options” from the content menu.
* Go to the Advanced tab, check the “swiping motion on Internet Explorer for the desktop” box to turn it ON.
* Now restart the IE to make all changes. Enjoy yourself.

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