How To Downgrade Internet Explorer 10 to IE9 in Windows 8

As a new version of web browser, Internet Explorer 10 is the default biilt-in browser seamlessly integrated into Windows 8. If you don’t want to use the it and decided to downgrade back to IE9, try the step by step solution about how to downgrade Internet Explorer 10 to IE9 on Surface Pro or Windows 8 computer.

* Access Internet Explorer 9 download link, choose the Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit version to donwload to your desktop.
* Open Control Panel, click Programs and Features > “Turn Windows Features On or Off” link at the left side.
In the small window, uncheck “Internet Explorer 10″ box, click OK button to uninstall it. The system takes a few minutes to roll back IE10. When it has completed, select “Restart Later”.
* Go back to Control Panel, navigate to “System and Security” and hit the “Windows Update” section. Locate “Windows Internet Explorer 10″ from the lists and select it, then click Uninstall button to remove the actual related updates.

Now go to install your previous version of IE in compatible mode. Enjoy yourself.


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