Outlook 2013 Error IMAP email is too large

I have installed Office 2013 with Windows 8 Pro. The Outlook 2013 keep popping up notifications information “Your IMAP server wants to alert you to the following: Email is too large, limit size to less than 20MB“. The error message appear again every 30 minutes. However, I go to email boxes and there is nothing in my Outbox, drafts or “send later” files. Yesterday I had sent a messages, but the attachments are around 15MB sizes and did go through. Now I am able to send and receive messages through my own Godaddy hosted email server, but can’t get rig of notifications.

If you setup an IMAP account in Outlook 2013 and get the “Your IMAP server wants to alert you to the following: Email is too large, limit size to 20MB”, try these tips to fix the issues.
* Switch your account from IMAP to POP account. That seems to sovle the problem.
* Try deleting the specific email account from your Outlook 2013 config and re-added to check if it works.
* If they are still not working, you may need to wait for Microsoft’s solution or updates.


6 thoughts on “Outlook 2013 Error IMAP email is too large

  1. This isn’t a Microsoft problem. It is a GoDaddy problem. What the error is saying is that the IMAP server is failing at synching a particular message because it was at the size limit for the GoDaddy IMAP server. So every time the client attempts to sync to the GoDaddy server, the error is regenerated. That is why deleting and recreating the account and/or changing to POP3 can fix the error.

    • While changing to POP3 will solve the problem, I need to have IMAP. This seems to be a GoDaddy problem, but GoDaddy will tell you to go through your deleted items and delete with emails with attachments. Oh yeah, that solves the problem, for about 3 days. Somehow the individual attachments are added up, and when they go over 20 MB, then the error message starts again.

  2. This is absolutely an Outlook problem. These are alerts that are generated from the program, and I want to turn them off. I don’t care that the error exists, everything is functioning without any problems. Every other forum suggests you delete all your emails that have a 0 size, but I rely heavily on my email chains for review, updates, follow up… I need Outlook. I need IMAP. I have files sent and received well in excess of the limit the error message suggests. I need to turn off these alerts and no solution exists to my knowledge. Does someone know of the solution for this problem?

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