Fotor Best Photo Editing app for Windows 8 & RT download

If you would like afford to purchase software, Windows has many free image editing Tools. But most of them have limited features or don’t have basic functions, and also lack of ability to support the touch screen devices, like Surface Pro Windows 8 & RT.

Fotor is all-in-one photo editing app that enhances your touch experience while you have a nice photo collection on your Windows 8 tablet.

When you run the application, it loads with the following big buttons:
* Basic editing tools: adjust its Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Temp, Tint, Blur/Sharpen values.

* Collage: deal with multiple pictures.
* One-tap enhance: boost up the bad images to a high quality one. If you are not good at editing, the option is useful particularly.
* Open.
* Borders: add a nice border to make it like a electronical postcard.
Text: add the messages and commentary in your pictures.
* Tilt shift: change the focus with your picture, similar to a Lytro camera.

* Visual effects: Classic, Lomo, synchronous, thumbnail, B&W, Artistic, Dark Corners.

When you open a image within Fotor, all the editing tools is displaying at the right pane and that is very easy to pick any of options up. Highly recommended it.


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