Fix Network Printer show offline in Windows 8 Pro

I have an hp Photosmart laserjet 1020 plus printer. I connect and install it on my windows 8 computer by USB and set it as shared over wireless home network. When I try to print any document from it on my Surface pro Windows 8, the printer shows offline. To get it working temporarily, I have to delete and re-add it on Control Panel. But doing a restart will get the same problem.

How to Fix Network Printer show offline in Windows 8 Pro
* I contact with HP support. The network printer keep changing IP address on your device, so that it stops working. You need to disable DHCP on the printer and assign it a static IP address.
Swipe in from right and click Search, type Advanced printer setup, click Settings and select it from results.
Click ip address, manual to config set up a ip address and port.

* Double-click the particular printer icon from Control Panel, Click on Printer from the menu and remove tick from “Use Printer Offline”.


3 thoughts on “Fix Network Printer show offline in Windows 8 Pro

  1. Your solution makes no sense. It’s connected by USB. IP is not involved. Doing anything with the IP address on the printer, which shouldn’t even have one, will do nothing.

  2. Best solution on Internet. Makes perfect sense. My surface was looking for the last IP it saw for the printer not the current DHCP IP address. Every idiotic suggestion I read, such as reboot your router and printer makes no sense when I can printer fine from other devices. Thanks.

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