Windows 8 app not sync with Google Apps calendar

Microsoft has released some updates for the Calendar, Mail, and People apps from Store onto Windows 8 and Windows RT OS with a few significant improvements. However, Google Apps account owners no longer have the syncing after doing upgrade. Because Microsoft confirms that Windows 8 to Google Apps calendar sync has been shutted off.

If you try to sync with a Google Calendar on your Surface tablet, the message will come up:
“Reconnect this account / We can’t connect to *** because Google no longer supports ActiveSync. Reconnect to get your email and contacts using a different method. Cancel to save your email drafts and reconnect later.”

On the other hand Google has dropped EAS support for new consumer customers since Jan. 30, 2013. Google Calendar allow users to access online calendars and sync scheduling information via CalDAV (Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV), but the Metro Calendar app does not support the feature. Google just want more consumers to pay Google Apps for business.

Disappoint that Google and Microsoft are choosing their own interests over end users.


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