Skin your Surface Pro and RT tablet

Don’t like the Surface VaporMag case design. It is a great idea to use custom skins to change the look of your tablet and show your personality. When you lay it on a table, a felt backing prevents from scratch, dirt and water, and let you push smoothly.

Currently, there are a wider choice of style for the gadgets, such as the Touch and Type covers, screen protectors. The microsoft company has launched a service with official vinyl skins. You are able to skin Surface RT and Pro for $15 to cover the front (Bezel) and back at local Microsoft Store while you wait, excluding the screen.

There are also a lot of great skins products for the Surface available on Amazon.
* Decorative Skin Sticker Protective Decal,Sur1231-045 by Pacers

It makes an otherwise boring surface very cool.
Easy to install and pull up.

* Spiderman Decorative Skin Sticker Protective Decal,Sur1231-091

Thin, easy-to-remove.

* WALL E Decorative Skin Sticker Protective Decal,Sur1231-095


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