Setup to use SkyDrive for attachments

Many email providers and device have a size Limit for attachments in your sent Mail, like iPad usually is in the 20 Megabyte. If you need to transfer larger files to recipients, you might make that as multiple emails., as Microsoft’s new service, comes with the capability to let file hosting Skydrive handle your attachments on Outlook. The new feature enables you to bypass the attachment size limit per email. Recipients just click on the shared link to download those attachments.

How to Setup to use SkyDrive for attachments
* Open from IE 10, and sign into your Microsoft account. There is a Settings icon at the top right of the screen. Click on it and select More mail settings.
* Under Writing mail, click on Attachments link there.
* Check “Always send files using SkyDrive“. If you only want to send big files to Skydrive, check “Let Outlook choose (use SkyDrive for large attachments and Office docs)“.


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