Optimize Windows 8 SSD Performance Improvement by Tweak-SSD

By default both of Windows 8 and Windows 7 system have already been optimized superb. SSDs are much more reliable, so you may install Windwos 8 on SSD drive. If you want to optimize your SSD for Performance Improvement more fast and also reduce read/write disk access on Surface Pro or computer, a disk utility called Tweak-SSD do the job.

Tweak-SSD comes with an intuitive wizard to help you optimize and tweak your Windows 8 for a better performance of your SSD drive. Without much knowledge, smiply click on “StartSSD” button to start the processing. This optimizer will make SSD to run smoothly and healthily.

There are a few suggest settings even you fully trust it:
Windows Prefetcher/Superfetch, Windows hibernation, Send delete notifications to SSD must be ON.
If you install large physical memory, you’d better turn ON these options: Use a large system cache, Keep system files in memory, and Don’t limit NTFS memory usage.

Note: To get the TRIM performance feature, you have to buy the Paid version.


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