No Sender No Subject entries in Windows 8 Mail app

I have setup mail on my Surface pro and everything worked fine since today. Within the Windows 8 built-in Mail app, there are multiple entries of “No Sender No Subject” in every folder and they don’t allows me to open or delete. I note that these entries only happened on my Live Account folders of the primary account, and my Gmail and iCloud accounts were syncing without prolem. However, after I re-add @live and make a check, now all of my mailboxes and aliases boxes are keep getting No Sender , No Subject items.

How to fix No Sender, No Subject entries in Windows 8 Mail app issues
* It seems to be a bug with the app. Hope Microsoft fix it soon.
* Within Mail app, swipe in from the right-corner to open charms bar. Tap Settings > Options, and then disable “Group messages by conversation”. Worked for me.


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