Microsoft Excel & word 2013 crashes when printing

I have instlled Office 2013 on my Surface Pro Windows 8. the Opening and edit functions work fine. However, when I try to print document, Microsoft Word 2013 or Excel 2013 keep crashing, no matter any kind of text formatting. Try updating Windows and video drivers but not working.

If your office 2013 crashed with print, try the folwoing tips to solve the problem.
* This is a driver issue with printer. I do a preview and find it communicates with many print driver. Setup a default printer will fix the issues.
Click Settings and open Devices and Printers (or access that through Cotrol Panel), right-click a different virtual printer and select “Set as Default”. I configure “Send to Onenote” as Default and the print works.
* Other method. Click on the File menu, and go to Options > Add-Ins. Click on Go button next to Manage Add-ins, and disable everything, like Bluetooth Add-in.


One thought on “Microsoft Excel & word 2013 crashes when printing

  1. Hi. I tried these and I still can’t print from my Surface Pro 8.1. Seems like after updating to 8.1 it stopped printing. I can only print the first page of a document or website, or whatever. When the second page prints, it prints about a quarter of the way then crashes. Any other suggestions or fixes? My printer is Windows 8.1 compatible. I have a Brother MFC-990CW. I also have issues with other printers. Other computers print just fine on my printer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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