Install Surface RT and Pro firmware updates

Microsoft have pushed new Surface firmware updates as part of Patch via Windows Update. A major update is that Internet Explorer 10 browser completely handles Adobe Flash. Now It is time to install them.

Firmware update for Surface Pro
To check for Windows updates manually, swipe in from right to open chamrs bar, tap Setting > Change PC Settings > Windows Update, and then Check for updates now.

Download the latest Surface pro firmware and driver pack for offline

According to Microsoft, this March update includes three changes:
* Fixes Wi-Fi reliability and improve limited connectivity scenarios.
* Enable Windows To Go feature which allows tablet to boot and run from mass storage devices like USB flash drives and external hard disk drives.
* Improved onscreen keyboard detection synchronization after wake up from sleep mode.

Firmware update for Surface RT includes the following changes:
* Fixes the WiFi Limited connectivity.
* Resolves issues with integrated volume button.
* Resolves the muting issue that happen randomly.
* Improved Trackpad performance..
* Improved Type and Touch cover typing experience on soft surfaces and when you lie flat both of the device and keyboard.

On Windows RT, system will automatically install to help keep your tablet up to date and running well.


2 thoughts on “Install Surface RT and Pro firmware updates

  1. So how do I install the update with no wifi or Ethernet connection?
    I’ve looked all over the net. User’s all talk about the new updates, but no one will say where to download the file (if any) to usb and update from there?

    Microsoft are no help. They tell you how to update on the Surface. But to have forgotten there is no wifi?

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