Import Outlook Express into Windows 8 mail app

My old computer running Windows XP has All my email going back many years on Outlook Express. I want to import the Outlook Express Address Book into Windows Mail app? I have backed up all emails and saved them as .dbx files onto a flash drive. How to migrate these addresses so I can access all my old messages and email addresses on Surface Pro Windows 8?

Windows 8 doesn’t include Outlook Express (OE), so it is no way to import standalone DBX files to the built-in mail app. But you are able to the backed-up OE data (DBX files) into Windows Live Mail 2011 or 2012 and office outlook 2013.

How to Import Outlook Express contacts into Windows Live Mail in Windows 8
* First create a new folder on desktop, copy all .DBX files to the folder. Highlight all files, right-click on them, select Properties from the menu, uncheck the “READ ONLY” box and then Apply.
* Open Live Mail, press ALT + F keys from keyboard, and click “Import messages” > Microsoft Outlook Express 6, navigate to the folder you created.


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  1. I just want to import my address book onto my Surface computer from Outlook Express? Is this possible without having to type them all in again?

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