How to transfer office 2013 license to new computer

Microsoft had restricted users from transferring your Office 2013 license in previous policy, but now they amended the license agreement. Without having to pay for a new licence, customers are able to transfer Office 2013 License to new computer (not more than one time every 90 days)

While Windows 7/8 system crashes and is unrecoverable or you have bought a new PC or tablet, it is useful to move license to a new computer.
* First uninstall Office on old computer. Open Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, and choose the suites to remove complecetly
* On another computer that belongs to you, go to install your Office 2013 software, and then enter the 25-digit Product Key. You can find the key from the CD case or in the confirmation email while bought online.
* Then call Microsoft for confirm that and get a new activation code.


One thought on “How to transfer office 2013 license to new computer

  1. I managed to transfer my license to a new laptop due to advice online from other users. microsoft did not offer any solutions. I spent 4 hours on the phone with them. After speaking to 6 people finally someone asked a somewhat relevant question: was I a personal or business user. But actually that turned out to be not relevant at all. Another support person told me I needed to submit a support request, with my credit card, which would potentially cost me $259. When I asked why I need to be charged, she was not able to explain to me in a reasonable way. Everyone I spoke to sounded like they really didn’t know what they were doing and just passing the buck. Then after being forwarded to even more people, all asking me the same questions (my name, email, phone number), but nothing relevant to my problem, I discovered a small point online – I could not install the software if I was connected to the Internet. I disconnected, and amazing, it installed! no thanks to microsoft.

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