How to sign out of skydrive app in Windows 8 Pro

I have signed in to my SkyDrive account within skydrive app on my Surface Pro Windows 8. I would like to delete some large files to free up space, but I can’t find any option to stop syncing files with my linked computers and the SkyDrive website. How to sign out from skydrive app installed on the tablet or computer?

* Tap/Click on the modern metro SkyDrive tile from start screen. Swipe in from the right corner to open charm bar, select Settings > Options, and then “Sign out” button.

If you want to unlink SkyDrive from the desktop, try the following step by step:
* Go to the system tray and right-click on the SkyDrive icon.
* Select Settings from the content menu. Go to the About tab, and click on Unlink button to sign out immediately and clear the syncing relationship. Now you have disconnected computer from the account.


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