How to reset forgotted password on Surface Pro

If you forgot your Windows 8 local user password or PIN on Surface Pro/RT, a way is to log into another admin account or use Previously-created password reset disk to change the password. If these suggestions is not working and the tablet does not recognize password, try the following tips to do a full reset and recovery it. Note: It will delete all your files.

How to reset forgotted password on Surface Pro
* First shut down the device and then press Power button to turn on.
* When Surface Logo with circling dots display on the screen, hold the Power button for 10 seconds and repeat it since you see the words “Preparing Automatic Repair”.
* In Recovery Mode, tap “Skip this drive” with Bitlocker, and go to Advanced Options > Troubleshoot > Reset > Just remove my files. You need to wait for about 20 minutes.

10 thoughts on “How to reset forgotted password on Surface Pro

    • I have forgotton my password for my Surface RT When I went into the net to reset it the site said my Microsoft Account name was incorrect. I thought that my account name was my e–mail address. I would appreciate help here.
      Yours sincerely,
      Arthur Cowley.

  1. Thanks for your nice tips! I am a computer novice and this is the first time I hear of password reset disk. Just a few days ago, I have forgotten my login password and my brother helped me reset my password. So I can use my computer now. I’ll create a password reset disk soon. Thank you!

  2. Normally us the pin instead of the password. Some how it got switch to password how can I get it back to unlock with the pin if I can’t unlock the surface?

  3. how do i reset my password on my surface pro 3 i cant figure it out my daughter put in a password she cant remember what it is someone please help me microsoft wont help much cuz i purchased it on craugslist

  4. any idea how to reset my surface pr 3 to factory setting my daughter cant remember what she used as the password n i cant get get no help from tech support without paying n i purchased it on craigslist

  5. very good is working ! In Recovery Mode, tap “Skip this drive” with Bitlocker, and go to Advanced Options …. normaly u dont see the skip option because of the keyboard on the screen … just tap on other part of the screen or close the keyboard and you will see the “skip” option …. finaly

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