How to make Windows 8 look like Windows 7 on Surface Pro

Most people don’t like changes with Windows 8 on touch-based Surface Pro and were extremely happy with Windows 7. If you want to remain focused on the desktop, try the tips to make Windows 8 like Windows 7 on Surface Pro or computer.

* Bypass the Start screen and turn hotspots off
By default Windows 8 load the new Start screen first. Try the steps to set up “go straight to the traditional desktop” and “disable charms bar“. Skip Start Screen program on Skip Metro Suite also do the job.
* Restore the classic Start menu
Install one of the Start menu softwares to re-enable the Start button on the Windows 8 desktop, such as Classic Shell or Stardock’s Start8.
* Get rid of File Explorer ribbon
File Explorer has added the new ribbon-like user interface in Windows 8. WinAero’s Ribbon Disabler tool help you disable the ribbon easily.
* Restore gadgets
Modern apps are insteaded of desktop gadgets. To get back the functionalityon the traditional desktop, download and install 8GadgetPack to get new sidebar. But it will make the process slowly.
* Run Metro apps from the classic desktop without accessing the start screen.


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