How to Import Photos from iPhone to Surface RT

If you have stored personal Photos and Videos on your Apple iPhone or iPad tablet, it is easy to transfer them to your new Surface RT or Windows 8 Pro tablet, similar to moving things to new computer or laptop.

How to Import Photos from iPhone to Surface RT/Pro
* Use a USB cable to conect with your iPhone and Surface.
* The start screen will show a message “Tap to choose what happens with this device” at the top.

* Tap on it and select “Import photos and videos” option from the content menu. Type in the foder name and tap on Import button to start the processing. Once it’ve completed, you can view them from the Pictures Library with the Photo App.

If there is no files found, your iPhone may be locked screen. You need to unlock it and tap “trust this computer” option.
If it is still not Recognized, unplug the phone from the Surface and restart the tablet.
For Surface pro, the automatic driver system always automatically install a new driver for iOS and that cause it not working well. You could open Device manager, locate your iPhone under Portable Devices or Universal Serial Bus Controllers, right click “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver” and select “Update Driver Software.”

Another method is to install OneDrive, Dropbox app on your iPhone and the related software on your PC. Then you can backup your photos on your tablet and view them easily.


9 thoughts on “How to Import Photos from iPhone to Surface RT

  1. Hi,
    When i connect my iPhone 4 to my Surface RT, the import tool doesn’t detect any media in my phone. Same thing when i try with the Windows explorer…

    Any idea why ?

    • Same thing happened to me :( said no media was detected. Hopefully we can find a solution. I am going to keep researching but any help would be awesome!

    • Okay same thing happened to me and I found a solution. First go to your search you can do that by sliding from the left side. Next search AutoPlay. That will bring up a bunch of devices and I found the iPhone device in the bottom so just click that and pit the option “ask me every time” . Hope this helps.

      • I tried the auto play route and it worked once . The next day I had more photos including my husbands iPhone and nothing works again. Days no device found -no files found ?!?

  2. This worked until I upgrade my software on the iPhone. Now I had to unlock the phone and then select “trust this computer” on the phone before any files were found

    • Try OneDrive, Dropbox, ect. apps. Those apps will backup your photos on Surface. when you download the app on your iPhone, login to the app with the same username/password and you will have access to your photos.

  3. /hi I followed the instructions to do AutoPlay, press trust before pressing import…. but every single time it just shows up as “no media detected” even though my iPhone 4S is full of memory. I really need to import. Is there a problem with ios 8.2 or the surface i5??

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