How to Import Google Reader RSS Feeds to Outlook 2013

Google Reader is a content application and platform, but the RSS service will be officially shut down July 1st, 2013. For alternatives, you can use Outlook 2013 email client to read your favorite RSS feeds.

How to import your Google Reader RSS Feeds to Outlook 2013
* Open Google takeout link from IE 10 and login using your account
Click on Create Archive button > Download, and save your ZIP file. Decompress the file, copy the subscriptions.xml from the folder to your desktop so that it can be used later.
* Run Outlook 2013. On File menu, click Open & Export > Import/Export > Import RSS Feeds from an OPML file, and click Next.
Browse to the location of subscriptions.xml file, select the feeds you would like to import from a list, and then click Next button

Now you are able to receive new RSS feeds and view them from outlook 2013


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