How to delete search Charm History in Surface pro Windows 8

The Search Charm saves your search history in Surface pro Windows 8 by default. Remembering everything you have searched for is not good if you share your tablet with someone or want to hide your online shopping history when the holiday approaches. The best way is to turn off the feature.

How to delete or disable search Charm History in Surface Pro Windows 8
* Swipe in from the right panel to bring up charms bar. Tap on the Settings > “Change PC settings” link at the bottom.
* Within Control Panel, tap on the Search section on the left side.
* On the right hand side, click on the “Delete history” button to clear everything. If you would like to disable the feature, turn off both “Show the apps I search most often at the top” and “Let Windows save my searches as future searchsuggestions”.


One thought on “How to delete search Charm History in Surface pro Windows 8

  1. I do not know how to delete file history;cookies etc. My surface begins with Desk Top; Control Panel; Personalization;PC info and Help. I needed to reset to factory settings. But when purchased I had Options and the other domains to delete. How can I get back to those settings as before,please inform me . Thank you.

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