How to create Contacts Group in Windows 8 People app

If you have many contacts in a list, that gets way too cluttered to manage them. With making a Contacts Group, it is easy to sift through co-workers, friends and family. I have set up contact groups on my iPhone and iPad successfully, but can not find any option to create and edit a group in Windows 8 people app.

Unfortunately, the people app doesn’t have the feature to add as a Group or create a group on Windows 8 computer or phone. But you can try the workaround.
* Within the app, add a name for your group as a contact, type in the full email addresses of each member of the group (Make sure each one is separated by a comma and a space), and save it. Now you can select one from that to send email.
* Other method. Open from IE and sign in using your account, then click the button at the top to manage groups, such as make a new one and add contacts to that group.


2 thoughts on “How to create Contacts Group in Windows 8 People app

  1. Thanks for the suggestion, this has been bugging me for months. Option 1 was successful, Option 2 does not work because when I logon to mail., it goes to Outlook and ther is no option to manage groups.

  2. What if I have a large group (family)? The “add contact” approach does not allow enough space for the number of emails to be entered. Will it work if I enter the individuals as contacts first, then enter their names in the group list?

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