How to check CPU temperature in Windows 8

The temperatures of CPU processor is a very critical condition to a tablet and computer. I had used some gadgets to measure the temperature in Windows 7, but they are not working in Windows 8 and the OS doesn’t have any built-in utility to do this. Is there third party software to check temperatures in on desktop mode of Windows 8?

* CoreTemp is a powerful program to do the job. It supports both AMD/Intel CPU, as well as 64-bit edition. The small tool enables you to monitor your CPU temperature and other vital information, completely motherboard independent.
With CoreTemp, it is easy to have an idea of how hot your CPU is on your Surface Pro. It is also useful wile your CPU is over-clocked on computer.

* PC Monitor from app store is a securely encrypted app that let you remotely take control of your critical servers and applications with up to 5 computers.
It offers the hardware details like temperatures (system, CPU and HDD), fan speeds with CPU, status and uptime, CPU/memory usage, etc.


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