How to Associate File Type or Protocol Default Program in Window 8

When you install or uninstall programs in Windows 8, the file extension information about what program opens it will be changed. To re-associate the file back to the program you would like to open the file with, try the tips about how to associate a File Type or Protocol Default Program in Window 8.

* Set File Associations Through Default Programs
Open Control Panel, click on the Default Programs > Associate a file type or protocol with a program Link. You can also type Default Programs in Search bar and select it from the results.
Select a file extension type or protocol under the Name column, and clcik Change Program button, and select a listed program or exe file.

* If you need to establish the same settings for several Windows 8 computer or Surface Pro tablet, a specific app called GPO do the job.
First use DISM command to create/export your XML file mapping programs to the file type/protocol from a machine and then import it to others. How to use DISM Link


2 thoughts on “How to Associate File Type or Protocol Default Program in Window 8

  1. And how to do the change for Search protocol on Windows 8?
    For a 3rd party ie FileLocator Lite.
    No option apart from Windows Explorer is given in Default Programs

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