Fix Windows app store not loading in Windows 8 Pro

The Windows app store ia not loading on my Surface Pro Windows 8. When I click on Windows Store app on start screen, the app icon goes with a full white screen, and I get “Windows Store isn’t available. Please try again later.” Sometimes it shows a little loading circle at the top. Now I am not able to download or update apps. Is there a way to get it working again?

You need to clear the Store Cache in Windows 8 to solve the problem.
* Press Windows + R keys from your keyboard. Or right-click on bottom left hand corner of the Start screen, and select Run.
* Type in WSReset.exe and hit Enter. Then re-open the Store to load things. Works for me.
* The WSReset.exe tool, developed by Microsoft, is used for resetting the Windows Store without changing any account settings or deleting installed apps.

If not working, press Windows  + I keys to open the Settings charm. CLick Change PC settings, go to General and tap on Get started button under the Refresh your PC without affecting your files section.


9 thoughts on “Fix Windows app store not loading in Windows 8 Pro

  1. that did not help a dos window opens then store opens and then same message, cannot connect to the internet, blah blah, how can this happen? how else may one reset the store?

  2. I am having the same problem and have been searching for a solution forever. I cannot believe Microsoft is not all over this. I am so frackin’ pissed I didn’t buy a Mac instead.

  3. mine stopped connecting to the store after i brought my tablet to school and used there internet. The message came up. I turned off the wifi then turned it back on, still didnt work. I’m really upset about this, i’ve tried all the other things to try and help. Im just so confused because i can go on the internet just fine and my email but the app store and hulu and my anime app dont work.
    Did this happen to any one else?

    • Yeah, something similar happened to me. I had been using my laptop on my school’s internet for a while and then the WiFi just stopped working. I could use an Ethernet cord though. After a while, I got back home and used my father’s network, in which my Laptop was doing just fine, but during the past few weeks several apps (like the store) stopped working as well sating that they couldn’t connect to the internet, when I actually had a very solid connection. This is getting so tedious and I keep looking for a solution on the web, but there seems to be no effective one ;-(

  4. If you really want to fix this issue then do what I did, Format and reinstall windows 7 or Windows XP whichever you prefer and then dont look back.

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