Fix Windows 8 100% disk usage in Surface Pro

Everything was working perfect on my Surface Pro until today the tablet always becomed freeze and was really laggy. After I booted it up and checked task manager, it was accusing of being a 100% disk usage for the C disk. All process was only at 0.1MB and the largest one was no more than 2mb. It is very annoying to have unresponsive system every 15 min. I can’t figure out what is causing the issue in task manager. How can I solve the high HDD usage?

* Some programs, like defrag, 3rd party Anti Virus and etc, are running in the background. Check resource monitor to see if it causes the problem.
* A registry issue.
Install CCleaner software which is good at PC Optimization and Cleaning for Free (Download Link). Run it and choose to find registry issues. It fixes all and works for me.
* If your computer also has unacceptably high disk usage/performance lag with Windows 8 OS, open Device manager and make sure the Standard SATA AHCI Controller is the correct and has been updated to the lastest driver version.


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