Fix Stylus/Pen not working bug on Surface Pro

You might have got the issues with the Stylus or Pen. When I put the Surface Pro into sleep mode and then wake it up, the Digitizer pen will be not working and desn’t response. Changing to Balanced power setting in Control Panel but nothing happens.

The issue is casue by the power settings and the stylus detection driver has been disable after wake up. This is a big bug in the Windows 8 Pro OS.

To solve the problem completely, try the following step by step:
* Open Control Panel, and click Hardware and Sound > Device Manager.
* Right-click “Human Interface Devices” listed in USB Input Devices. Select Properties from the content menu.
* Go to Power Management tab, uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” option.

If your pen got the intermittent behavior on the tablet, you could go to change the battery to check if it is working again because the life of original battery only last about a month.

The method by ashcanpete Member from
* First un-screw the pen tip compartment.
* The cap, the pen tip circuitry and 2 actual plastic buttons will come up separately.
* Bend the little copper tab out slightly. Then reassemble every body carefully and the pen should be fine.

However, If your pen get the broken pen pointer and is not registered by Windows 10/8, you’d better make a replacement.


14 thoughts on “Fix Stylus/Pen not working bug on Surface Pro

  1. I did everything stated but the power management tab does not exist. On the USB input device properties, the only tab is general. What do i do to get my stylus working?

    • You have to go to each individual USB device listed under the heading of USB Devices. I had four or five at the bottom of a list of 12 total devices. On each individual device, right click, and then you’ll see the tabs. (The only problem is that I don’t know what any of them are!) I changed all of them anyway; I hope I didn’t cause more harm than good! Time will tell. But my Stylus is working again!,

      • I had the same problem, all of a sudden my pen wouldn’t work. I tried everything and nothing seemed to fix the issue, I read. that people were going into device manager and clicking on “mice and other pointing devices” but when I went into device manager that file was missing. I was about to give up when I came across one more thing to try and thank god it worked. Go to “settings” and power down then “press and hold the volume up and the power button” for 15 seconds, the surface will look like it is starting up but keep holding the buttons. After the second time you see surface pop up on the screen let go of the buttons. Wait 10 seconds and start up your surface pro, your pen should work now. Also I went into the “device manager” clicked on “human interface devices” went to “USB input device right click” go to “power management” and un check “allow computer to turn off this device to save power.” I recently installed a Windows update and it happened again, the only thing that got it working again was doing the above.

  2. This did not work for me. My Surface Pro still does not register the Pen. I even tried my pen with other Surface Pro’s to confirm the issue is not the pen. It appears something is seriously wrong with a driver or maybe even the display itself. Microsoft please fix this!

  3. Surface screen pointer has to respond immediatly to pen proximity. If it works randomly it is because your pen pointer is broken, do not lose too much time on it. Ask for a pen replacement, it works at 100% from first second.

  4. Spent ages trying all the suggested fixes. In the end, remembering that I had recently replaced the bent, blunt tip, I dug the old tip ant of the bin fortunately still there) and put it back in. Works a charm. The new one looks identical to the old (except not bent).

  5. Hi, I have new problem.
    When I disconnect the power keyboard the Pen stops working. I tried to do Hardware reset/remove drivers and reinstall etc…
    Even if I connect my other keyboard (type2) the pen is not responding. The moment I connect the power keyboard everything seems to be working fine.
    Please help as the power keyboard does not have backlit I will face problem without pen as I correct online student work.

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