Connect HomeGroup shared printer with Surface RT

I have attached a Canon iP4920 printer to a Windows 8 Pro desktop in another room and configured it as networking shared via HomeGroup. My Surface RT is connected on the same WiFi network and HomeGroup already, but I can’t get it to working at all. The tablet definitely see the printer and can’t search any suitable driver by Windows Update.

* On your computer, type “printers” from Search bar, click Setting and select Devices and Printers. Right-click on the shared printer, select Properties. Go to Sharing tab, clcik Change Sharing Options > Share this printer > type a name and OK. You will get a link \\Win8-machine\Share-printer-name in the form.
* Go back to your Surface RT. Open the classic Control Panel, and go to Hardware and Sound > Advanced printer setup, and select “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings” > Next.
* Tap Create a new port > Local Port > Next, and input \\Win8-machine\Share-printer-name to the Portname that is created in the first step. Tap OK, select the driver to load and you are able to print.


One thought on “Connect HomeGroup shared printer with Surface RT

  1. This worked for me, thanks. As a long-time Windows admin, I was surprised that it took this sort of set up to get this working. A member of a homegroup should have easily been able to add a shared printer without having to specify everything, especially since I just guessed the driver for my Brother 7065DN (I used the Brother Generic Laser Driver 2). Oh well, at least SOMEONE took the time to document a working solution; Microsoft couldn’t even do that.

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