Configure Router for Windows 8 Remote Desktop

You are able to host a remote connection using TCP port 3389 in Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise editions by enabling Windows to make and accept a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) feature. If your computer or tablet runs through a wireless router, and doesn’t directly connectes to Internet modem, you have to configure the router to forward data with the computer you have set up.

How to configure Remote Desktop Connection behind a router (Single computer)
* Type the IP address of your router, which is the Default Gateway entry from running IPCONFIG command, into the address bar of IE and press Enter.
* Enter the username and password to log in the Web-based configuration utility.
* I use a Linksys router. Go to the Virtual Server or Port Forwarding tab, and add a custom servce:
RDP: the application name
3389: the internal port and external port
both: TCP and UDP as the protocol
the IP address of the computer.
Check the box and save it to enable that.


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