Change Windows 8 Maps distances from miles to kilometers

When you use the Maps application in Surface RT or Windows 8 Pro computer, all distances will appear in miles values by default. If you are stuck using the large number system , try the tips to change the distance settings to configure all distances in kilometers instead of miles.

How to change the Maps distance settings in Windows 8 or RT OS
* Go back to the Start Screen by pressing Windows key, and click on the Maps App.
* Swipe in from right-hand side to bring up the Charms Bar. You can also use the Windows + C keyboard combination.
* Select Settings Charm and click on Options.

Under “Show distance in” option, check Kilometers box to switch the mode.


2 thoughts on “Change Windows 8 Maps distances from miles to kilometers

  1. Hi, call me thick or what, I have tried to change the mileage/km however every time I go into maps, settings from charms I do NOT have an” option” button!! It’s driving me CRAZY!! What am I doing wrong?

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