Best Surface Pro carrying cases with handle strap

I need to take my tablet with accessories and some folders to school. Is there a Surface Pro carrying bag with handles that would make it easier to carry my Surface from a place to other place. It should has good quality and low price, and also protect it and let me hold on?
Different things is good to different people. If you shop for netbook bag, here are some of best Surface Pro carrying cases with handle strap recommend.
rooCASE Netbook, iPad Carrying Case Deluxe Bag
* rooCASE Netbook Case Deluxe Bag for 10,11.6 Inches – Black

Very professional with excellent high quality.
Good travel case for holding an tablet, type keyboard and the charger.
A velcro strap snuggly secure things in the space.


SumacLife Cady Edition Durable Hard Shell Protective Carrying Case
* SumacLife Cady Edition Durable Hard Shell Protective Carrying Case with removable shoulder strap and metal handles

Made of polyester.
Hard shell non-scratch water resistant exterior and lined
High quality and stylish design.
Separate areas for storage,but it is not so large.
Your device can be held securely by Dual Velcro elastic straps. That also prevent it from falling out while you open it.


* Kensington Soft Carrying Case

Quality materials (neoprene sleeve and soft fleece lining).
Small and protective.
This case fits my Surface Pro and bluetooth keyboard perfectly.
You can put small thing in the extra zippered outer pocket.
Unlike most other soft cases, it comes with a handle.


One thought on “Best Surface Pro carrying cases with handle strap

  1. I am looking for something to carry my surface pro from exam room to exam room. It is rather slick and I have dropped it several times. I don’t want to put it in a carry case and have to take it in and out at every room. Is there a strap or something that I could use to prevent it from slipping?

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