Fix Explorer.exe error on Windows 8 start up

Every time I sign into Windows 8 Pro and go to Desktop mode, an alert Explorer.exe title dialogue box pops up but shows a blank message with the warning icon and an “OK” button. Trying to close it by clicking “X” and the dialogue box comes for three times and then disappears. I am not sure which crashes occasionally. Is there a way to fix an weird issue regarding Explorer. Continue reading

Windows 8 app not sync with Google Apps calendar

Microsoft has released some updates for the Calendar, Mail, and People apps from Store onto Windows 8 and Windows RT OS with a few significant improvements. However, Google Apps account owners no longer have the syncing after doing upgrade. Because Microsoft confirms that Windows 8 to Google Apps calendar sync has been shutted off. Continue reading

Fix Office 2013 active content removed error in Windows 8

When I try to activate Office 2013 in my Surface Pro Windows 8, a error message “Active content removed” pops up. The window has “Enter a product key instead” link and a greyed out Next button. Disabling Symantec firewall temporarily but still not working. I really need to activate the product. Is there a way to solve the office problem? Continue reading

Optimize Windows 8 SSD Performance Improvement by Tweak-SSD

By default both of Windows 8 and Windows 7 system have already been optimized superb. SSDs are much more reliable, so you may install Windwos 8 on SSD drive. If you want to optimize your SSD for Performance Improvement more fast and also reduce read/write disk access on Surface Pro or computer, a disk utility called Tweak-SSD do the job. Continue reading