Windows 8 this app needs permission to use the camera

I have downloaded a Camera app from app store and install it on my Windows 8 computer. But I open it and get the error message “this app needs permission to use the camera. You can change this in app’s settings” But the PC have connected with the camera via USB cable. I also have installed correct driver. the How can I fix the issues on Windows 8 Pro?

* Disconnect the derive and connect it to check if it is working.
* Open its tile at start screen, press “Windows + C” keys from your keyboard, tap “Settings” option at the bottom from the charms bar. Click Permissions and turn “Allow this app to access your: Webcam and Microphone” ON. Press Alt + F4 keys and then Re-open the app.


3 thoughts on “Windows 8 this app needs permission to use the camera

  1. And if the settings option is grayed out?
    Surface RT seems very “buggy”, even at this stage.
    Who designed this POS software?

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