Windows 8 Join Domain on Surface pro

Windows 8 Professional or Enterprise edition supports joining a domain, And Windows RT can’t do that. Many smaller businesses need to connect PCs to company domains first.

* Your Surface tablet must connect to a domain controller and need an Active Directory computer account.
* Use a local Administrator account to login to Windows 8 system.

How to connect Surface Pro Windows 8 to a Domain instantly
* Open the File Explorer, click on the Computer icon in the left-hand panel of the screen, and then “Properties” button in the Ribbon at top. You can also access Control Panel > System and Security > System.
* Click “Change settings” under “Computer, domain, and workgroup setting”.
* Click “Change” button under Computer Name tab, check “Domain:” and type the name of your domain in the text field. If not working, enter the fully qualified domain name like your-domain.Local or disable the Firewall temporarily.Click OK button, restart your tablet and select Other user to enter your domain credentials.

Problems Connecting Windows 8 to a Domain
Make sure your computer name is full Name. If not like just Win8, click on ‘More..’ and append the full dns name, like Win8.yourDomain.local


9 thoughts on “Windows 8 Join Domain on Surface pro

  1. This doesn’t work. I’m able to join the computer to the domain but when I try to login, it responds with an error, “Unable to find a domain controller to service the logon request.”

      • I found that logging into the local Administrator account and then signing out of the administrator account kept the wifi connection and a domain user was able to login successfully. Don’t restart after logging into the local Administrator account, just sign out.

    • “Unable to find a domain controller to service the logon request” is an indicator that you do not currently have a network connection. You may have to login to the administrator account first and setup your wireless settings.

  2. I had no issue joining this system to my domain. Here are the steps that I followed.
    - Configured the initial power up settings. (I did NOT use a Microsoft account)
    - Joined the device to my wifi network
    - Joined the device to the network
    - Rebooted and logged in as a domain user.

    I believe the issue may be that you do not have group policy configured properly. Please make sure that you have configured the GPO that applies to the surface to wait for network connections before logging in. This will ensure that the surface has a network connection before attempting to authenticate.

    After your first initial login to a DC, the credentials will be cached for “off network” authentication.

  3. I found good solution : Please !!! check any Serface that have AVG or other Antivirus or not and temporary remove it from Serface so you can joined your domain on wifi network complete.

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