Windows 8 gps receiver for Surface Pro

The Surface pro/RT only has Wi-Fi model and there is a cellular model and no built-in GPS function. I would like to use the tablet with offline maps. Technical this could work for that. Is there a external GPS receiver that works? Any suggestion?

Windows 8 gps receivers for Surface Pro
* BU-353-S4 Weather-proof USB GPS Receiver by GlobalSat

The unit is compact and easy to use. No need for installing drivers in Windows 8 OS.
If you if you use a lot of PC GIS, mapping or charting programs, this is a great way to add GPS on your Surface.
It works quickly and accurately and is very durable. With the GPS Info tool, you can see all visible satellites. The SBAS augmentation is not available.

* Emprum UltiMate GPS Receiver for desktop/laptop computers and iPad/iPhone

Works with Windows PC, Mac and Linux.
It deliver standard GPS NMEA sentences to your tablet over USB with navigation or location-based software.

* Dual Electronics XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver for Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops

This small self powered accessory fits into my pocket easily.
To use it, You need to turn on Bluetooth by going to the Settings charm > Change PC Settings > Wireless. Once the XGPS150 is discovered, click on its name to pair with your device.


5 thoughts on “Windows 8 gps receiver for Surface Pro

  1. Do these work with the native Windows 8 apps (Metro) or just the standard desktop?

    I read you need a separate driver for metro

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