Windows 8 Audio Recorder Apps for Surface Pro/RT

I am looking for a good voice recording application that works on Surface Pro or RT tablet. I need indicators of sound level, good quality to save the size and etc. Can you recommend a audio recorder app?

Windows 8 Audio Recorder Apps for Surface Pro/RT

* Audio Recorder
Use your microphone to record audio notes.
Stores files in SkyDrive optionally or local. Easily transfer to your computer.
* Pocket Recorder
I have used the app on my Windows Phone and it works great. Now it is available for Windows 8 OS.
Colorful UI. Continuous playback integration. Ability to add categories, labeling and descriptions.

* Smart Recorder Free
Easily change current playback time, automatically pause while silent, add time based tags and pictures. It also comes with waveform view.
Only limited to three minutes for using.


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