Window 8 app tiles frozen/unresponsive on Surface Pro

Today I waked up Surface pro and got a blank screen, so I did a hard reboot to start Windows up. While in start screen with either local user or my microsoft account, the app tiles were frozen and unresponsive. The wireless connection was fine. Pressing Win+C hotkeys didn’t bring up the charms bar and ctrl+alt+delete also couldn’t get Task Manager from Desktop.

How to fix Window 8 app tiles not working on Surface Pro* Holding SHIFT key while clicking restart in Power Options to boot into safe mode.
* After logined, I notice the AccuWeather app doesn’t show an image with temperature, and also had changed status.
* Swipe in from right to open Charms bar, tap/clcik Settings > Change PC Settings > Personalize. under “Lock screen apps”, the installed AccuWeather has been added with “Choose an app to display detailed status”. After change it to the built-in Weather app and restart the device, windows 8 apps tiles are working fine now.


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