Surface Pro Screen not shrunk in lower resolution

Surface Pro’s 1920 x 1080 resolution is too high with some Windows apps, even having 150% text display. So I change the screen resolution to lower resolution (ex., 1366 x 768) to decrease it. Everything works fine since wake it up from the sleep mode. Windows 8 still use 1366×768, but it doesn’t stretch the screen to fill the available space, visibly shrunk on the screen. Its perimeter is added black bars and a few of pixels. Attaching with a external 26″ monitor and it does stretch, but disconnecting it physically also gets the same problem. How can I fix the issues?

To stretch the screen to fit initially, a temporary solution is to download the Intel HD Graphics 4000 driver and control panel from intel’s downloadcenter website(Select Windows 8 x64 and get the “ZIP” version), and install it on your Windows 8. Reboot and then use the Intel Control Panel to turn on scaling feature in the desktop.(Display > General > Scale Full Screen)

Intel graphics driver will make most apps to be full screen. Though running some games still get black bars.


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