Surface Pro mouse cursor unresponsive and drift

When I try to play games like STARCRAFT II or Heroes of Newerth in Full Screen mode on my Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet, everything works fine except the mouse cursor does not respond and rides around behind the screen. I can make left/right click on the screen using the USB mouse, and use the pen to create a practice during gaming, but I can’t see the mouse cursor. Sometimes the cursor icon is stuck there. How can I fix the issues on Surface pro?

The cursor works in windowed mode. If you load games in full screen, it ran very smoothly and cursor is not working. Changing into windowed runs very choppy.

How to Fix Mouse Issue with full-screen games on Surface Pro
The Surface Pro desktop actually running by default at 150% dpi and it may be caused by Direct X. Smiply open the game settings and setup on low settings. Here is EpicReviewsTech’s method from youtube.

2 thoughts on “Surface Pro mouse cursor unresponsive and drift

  1. My surface mouse worked initially, but suddenly just stopped working. After I replace th batteries it still did not work. do I have tp reset something? The keyboard mouse still works though. what can I do to restart the laser mouse

  2. The mouse just stopped working on my brand new keyboard. I can get it to click every once in awhile but not on the screen :(
    Not a good way to start out a new purchase.
    Please help

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