Surface Pro keyboard not working/swithing

I attached the Type cover to my Surface Pro and use it as the standard or default. It works fine with any text field nad web address. If I put the talbet into asleep and disconnect the keyboard, Surface still “thinks” the type keyboard is attached and doesn’t check on the status of the connection. That make me can not log in because the on-screen touch keyboard won’t appear automatically. Then I have to press Power button to a hard boot and re-attach the keyboard.

The Surface Pro and RT have the bug. The onscreen keyboard does not display, if you remove the type cover before wakes it up. Other issue is that the soft keyboard does not automatically appear in desktop mode.

You could try the workaround before microsoft release a related driver update. While the cover is attached, wait for the screen to switch on and then remove the cover.


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  1. You can try this: On the screen login, you touch the icon on the bottom left side, then choose “On Screen Key Board”. Now you can input Password.
    If you want to force Surface Pro re-recognizes the touch cover without rebooting, you can try this method: Search Run, then open Run dialog, type “devmgmt.msc” then press Enter. Go to Keyboard section, then disable all of component appears under Keyboard, enable them again. When you see all item appear without “!” mark, you can use the Type Cover.


    In the Ease of Access there is this thing called filter keys. The setting doesn’t allow excessive repeating of a letter… but for whatever reason it disables your keyboard. I updated and had the same problem. TURN OFF YOUR FILTER KEY IN YOUR SETTINGS.

  3. This worked for me:

    1. Download the “Trackpad Settings” App from the Windows Store (initially this said that the touch cover was not connected).
    2. Connect and disconnect the cover in quick succession about 10 times while the app is open.
    3. Eventually the app discovers the touch cover. Set the trackpad to “On”.

    I hope that helped!

  4. Does any know how to resolve this issue, My Surface pro works perfectly,
    i just can’t get my “\” Key to work everytime i try to use it, i get this ” of this \
    And if i try to to use Shft or the FN key, or even the #2 key i get @.

    I appreciate your help.

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