Surface Pro boots to BIOS screen no to Windows 8 issues

My Surface Pro has a strange problem. When I try to access the app store, the talbet locks up itself. I press the power button on top of the device and there is a blank screen. Hitting again and Surface boots to the BIOS Setting screen directly. Now I can not login to Windows 8 and it is just bricked machine now.

According to Microsoft tech support, it is caused by the defective SSD card inside the tablet. You can return it to get a new one. However, if you have stored your personal information on your Surface, such as Outlook/Gamil emails, setup files syncing and photos, it seems to be no way to wipe them out completely before made a exchange. That may leak your important data.


9 thoughts on “Surface Pro boots to BIOS screen no to Windows 8 issues

  1. I have the same problem. It doesn’t restart windows 8 anymore. it’s stuck on the bios page. this sucks…

    what should i do????

  2. Just had the same issue with a Surface Pro 64 GB after only one week of usage.
    I can boot from USB but as soon as it try accessing the SSD drive, it dies (Surface logo with the wait forever animated circle)

  3. well It seem only happen for 64 GB because I bough two of them then both of it got the same problem as that too yeah the only way was to sent it back I hope fully the new one gonna be okay

  4. Had the same problem. I held the power button for 60 seconds and forced a hard reboot. It now sees the USB and is loading again.

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