Surface Pro auto brightness and flickering screen

There are a few problems with Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8, such as limited storage capacity, poor battery life, and the bundled stylus not working with PhotoShop software. Now many users report a auto-automatic brightness control malfunctions, which is to go haywire.

The auto-brightness bug causes the touch screen to flicker repeatedly. You can’t increase and decrease the brightness smoothly from system setting. The issues happen at any time and disabling the automatic brightness setting is not working.

It seems to be a hardware problem. People also have the same experience while using Surface with Windows RT device. Microsoft begin to investigate what is causing the flickering screen issue.


2 thoughts on “Surface Pro auto brightness and flickering screen

  1. Did Microsoft ever come up with a solution to the flickering issue? It seems like people are getting their Surface replaced with a new one, but I do not have a Microsoft store to bring my Surface to. Please respond.

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