Setup Cisco LEAP Authentication on Surface Pro Windows 8

Our Company Cisco LEAP authentication to connect to WiFi network of the office. The wireless controller is Marvell AVASTAR 350N wireless card and it seems that the Surface Pro doesn’t support Cisco Leap Authentication with WPA2-Enterprise feature. How can I access the network via Cisco LEAP and what protocol installer I need to use.

Here is a workaround for fix the Cisco LEAP Authentication issues on Windows 8.

* First removed the “ssid” from my list of known networks.
* From start screen, open charms bar, tap Search, type network and click Setting, select “Setup a Connection or Network” from results
* Click “Manually connect to a wireless network” > type your “ssid” of the LEAP network, select “WPA/WPA2″ for Security Type, “TKIP” for Encryption Type
Click Next > Change Connection Settings > go to Security Tab

Choose “Cisco: LEAP” as the network authenication Method > Click Setting > check “Use saved username and password” and type your user credentials. > OK


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    • download the realtek rtl8188-cus driver and install it. Part of the driver is the cisco:Leap packet. Cisco leap will then show up under the authentication method.

      • I am on an enterprise network within IBM using Cisco Leap. The Surface Pro uses the Marvell Avastar 350N Wireless Network Controller which is not compatible. When configuring the network connection per the above instruction does not display Cisco: Leap as an option. Following the above thread, I went to Realtek’s website and downloaded the RTL8188CUS driver version 1021.3.0912.2012 for Windows (Used Download Site 1 US3). I ported via USB Flash drive the files to my Surface Pro and ran the Setup.exe file. This will install the Realtek driver utility. This will not mess up your existing wireless connection, but will add the Cisco Leap packets to your system. Your authentication method drop down will now have Cisco Leap as an option. After entering my credentials I was good to go!!! It took me a long time to find this solution. Thank you to the above comment thread from Robert Large.

        • Thanks David. That was a very helpful post. I ended up using the Intel drivers listed below.

          There are now at least two Surface pro’s on the IBM network.


        • hello, I bought a surface pro and I can’t connect to Cisco Leap…I downloaded the RTL8188CUS driver version 1021.3.0912.2012 and installed, but tried to configure the net and the same result… any advice ?

    • Microsoft scrapped support for WPA and LEAP. So even if on your computer (netsh wlan show drivers…) they wont show up…

      I hate them more and more every day…

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