QuickBooks 2013 on Surface Pro Windows 8

I am considering buying new computer equipment. Does QuickBooks Pro 2013 work on Surface Pro Windows 8 or Windows RT tablet?

QuickBooks doesn’t running on Windows RT but it supports Windows 8, so you are able to install and use the software on your Surface Pro. Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2013 R4 update for the U.S. version and that fix a lot of issues and bug on Windows 8 OS.

If you try to create PDF with 2013 and get the error: “QuickBooks couldnot save your form as PDF file” message, do the step by step to solve the problem: Open Control Panel and go to Devices and Printers. Right-click on Microsoft XP Document Writer and select Remove device option.


2 thoughts on “QuickBooks 2013 on Surface Pro Windows 8

  1. I installed my ancient Quickbooks 2000 Pro on my brand new Lenovo Tablet 2, running Windows 8 Pro. Initially it wouldn’t load because of some font library issues, but after following some web advise, it loaded fine. I can use it fully, including printing invoices and reports, to my Brother 2070N network printer.
    The only problem is the soft keyboard, getting in the way of the layout. This can be corrected by connecting a wireless keyboard/mouse combo, using the USB receiver. For that I used my Logitech keyboard.

    I cannot see any issues installing a newer version of QB on these tablets.

    • Since 2013 quick books has had issues with sizing some of the windows like invoices ect. My friend is trying to get QB 2014 pro on his surface, but a lot of the forms with buttons along the bottom, the buttons are off screen, and you cannot make the form any smaller, so he cannot access those buttons! Is there any fix?

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