Printer Device nothing can be sent from this desktop on Windows 8

My printer is not working and Windows 8 Pro won’t recognize it, even I have update the drivers. When I open IE Metro tile from start screen and access an article to print, I press WIN + K key to try to display Devices and get error “nothing can be sent from the Desktop.” I open control panel and my printer shows loaded and ready to use. Try Win + C or clicking from the right-bottom of the screen but still not working.

If the default app or browser has been changed and you use the other one to print document file, you will get “nothing can be sent from the Desktop.”

Open control panel from desktop, go into Default Programs, and select modern IE as the default instead of the desktop version browser.


3 thoughts on “Printer Device nothing can be sent from this desktop on Windows 8

  1. same problem. desktop printer function is flawless. enter charms select settings>change pcsettings> devices and printer shows up. What gives???

  2. So what if I want to set Google Chrome desktop as my default? Nothing can be sent to my printer when I’m in desktop mode from gmail or any other tab. If I’m in an application such as open office then it’s fine.

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