Multiple Monitor with Surface Pro mini displayport

I have a computer running Windows 8 Pro x64 and it connects to two monitors via VGA and DVI. Everything works fine. I will buy a Surface Pro and want to use it as laptop. How can I use it with both external monitors (one is 31″ and the other 29″). Should I need to get additional hardware?

Surface Pro includes standard Mini DisplayPort v1.2 and support external Display with up to 2560×1600 resolution. With DisplayPort, you can run multiple monitors from a single device.

The VESA DisplayPort 1.2 hubs for multi-stream transport (MST) will be available by 2013. With the Adapter, you are able to get daisy-chaining of up to six full HD (1080p) monitors from two DisplayPort outputs. So it would be easy to connect the Surface pro to external TVs and Monitors.


3 thoughts on “Multiple Monitor with Surface Pro mini displayport

  1. Looks like I’ve found a product that might work well.

    Im currently using a Alienware M11xr2 and looking to replace it with the surface pro, one of the things holding me back has been an effective docking solution. This plus a USB3 hub, might do nicely.

  2. I regret buying a Surface Pro 3. MiniDP port isn’t working anymore. Now using the same cable and monitor connected to a Dell Notebook the Montor works fine. Seems a problem with Surface. Total waste of money! Not recommending it. Buy newer notebooks that offer support for DP1.2 instead.

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