MicroSD card not recognized by Surface Pro Windows 8

I want to use a micro SD card as extra storage of Surface Pro to store movie and music files. But when I put it into the sd card slot, Windows 8 doesn’t recognized it and I also can’t find it in file explorer. Trying other ones still gets the same problem. How can I get it working with Surface?

It seems to be a bug with Windows 8 OS. Once you connect sd card with the tablet, you have to do a rebooting and then it will seen by the device. Smiply press Win + C key to open charm bar, tap Setting > Power button, and then select “Restart” to close all programs and save changes.

3 thoughts on “MicroSD card not recognized by Surface Pro Windows 8

  1. My Surface proceed to install driver the first time I insert the SD card. However, it just won’t show in the File Explorer.

    I can see USD3.0 Card Reader under Device when I plug the SD card in.

    I did the reboot but it still doesn’t shows up in the File Explorer.

    * The card is a 8Gb SDHC card for a Nokia N85. I had the card formatted to NTFS already.

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