MicroSD card not recognized by Surface Pro Windows 8

I want to use a micro SD card as extra storage of Surface Pro to store movie and music files. But when I put it into the sd card slot, Windows 8 doesn’t recognized it and I also can’t find it in file explorer. Trying other ones still gets the same problem. How can I get it working with Surface?

It seems to be a bug with Windows 8 OS. Once you connect sd card with the tablet, you have to do a rebooting and then it will seen by the device. Smiply press Win + C key to open charm bar, tap Setting > Power button, and then select “Restart” to close all programs and save changes.


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  1. My Surface proceed to install driver the first time I insert the SD card. However, it just won’t show in the File Explorer.

    I can see USD3.0 Card Reader under Device when I plug the SD card in.

    I did the reboot but it still doesn’t shows up in the File Explorer.

    * The card is a 8Gb SDHC card for a Nokia N85. I had the card formatted to NTFS already.

  2. Have you guys tried seeing if the card shows up under disk manager? You might need to format it there. I’d use exFAT.

    There’s nothing about Windows 8 (nor the Surface line’s card reader for that matter) that should have any problem with SD cards, so it’s probably either a problem with the card itself, or the card isn’t formatted (or isn’t in the right format).

  3. Same issue here. After fresh start of Windows (8.1 on Surface Pro 128GB) the card is seen by the system. However after some time of use when I take it out and put again it is NOT recognized anymore. What’s more, the Device Management does NOT see it either. I tried on different microSD cards with same result.
    The only solution so far I found is RESTARTING the Windows (which sucks by the way). To me it’s the SOFTWARE issue.
    Looking forward to seeing a convenient solution.

    Best regards

  4. My new Surface Pro 3 will not read my Toshiba 64-GB micro-SD card. The same card can be read in the computer’s USB3 port via an SD card adapter. The same micro-SD card can be read in a Surface RT. Use of the Disk Management Console has no impact.

  5. I am having the same problem. I have 3 64GB SD cards from various manufacturers (Sony, PNY and SANDISK). They area ll formatted with NTFS (default parameters). They all have the same problem: The SD card is recognized for a while in the Surface Pro, but then it is unavailable. The drive letter shows up in Explorer but when I click on the drive, Explorer says, “Please insert a disk into D:” If I reboot my machine, the drive is again visible.

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