How to Install Virtual Ubuntu in Surface Pro Windows 8

Without messing around with partitions and making dual-boot your Surface Pro Windows 8 with Linux, you can install Linux/Ubuntu into a virtual machine using Hyper-V feature.

* First download Ubuntu 12.10 onto your Surface Pro tablet.
* Make sure you have enabled Hyper-V featue in Windows 8 OS.
* From the Start Screen, open Hyper-V Management console. If can not find it, swipe it from right to open charms bar, type Hyper-V in search box and seelct it from the results.
* On the right side of the manager, click New > Virtual Machine > next > set the name as “Ubuntu” > Next.
* Type how much memory for the virtual machine, recommend using more than 1GB of RAM > Next > select one of the networks or Not Connected > Next > Select “Create a virtual hard disks” with Name, Location and maximum size > Next.
* Check “Install an operating system from a boot CD/DVD-ROM”, select Image file (.ISO):” and click Browse to your .ISO file > Finish.
* Right-click on Ubuntu virtual machine and select “Start” to run a Virtualized Copy.


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