How to install Ubuntu on Surface Pro

Wihtout jailbreaking the Surface Pro, you are able to install Ubuntu on the Surface Pro. Note: Ubuntu does not recognize the stylus and can’t connect WiFi unless grab the Marvell WiFi driver.

* First backup the restore partition onto larger flash drive, so you can return to Windows 8 Pro if you need or fail during the installtion. Type “Recovery Drive Backup” in Search charms bar, select the first one from results, and follow the steps to do that.
* Boot to UEFI setting and disable the Secure Boot feature.
Create a bootable Linux USB drive.
*Download Ubuntu 12.04 or 12.10 from the official website and Linux Live USB creator onto your computer. Use a USB drive with a FAT32 or FAT partition to connect to your PC.
* Open LinuxLive USB Creator > Choose a USB drive in the list > select your Ubuntu ISO file > setup the size of persistent data and others > click the lightning button to start the creation. This process will run about 10 minutes.
* Connect the Ubuntu Live USB disk with Surface Pro via USB 3.0 port. Open Charm Bar from start screen, tap Setting > Change PC setting > General > Restart under the Advanced Startup.
* While booted into the Advanced settings, tap on the icon for your USB drive from a list of available boot options. The tablet will reboot into the Ubuntu installtion.


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